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Charles R. Conrad Jr.

Graphic Designer / Web Designer / Video Editor / Image Editor
Marketing and Branding Consultant / Multimedia Producer

With nearly 15 years of experience in design and marketing as both a freelance contractor and an employee, Charles R. Conrad Jr. has set himself apart with highly successful print, web, audio and video projects. By integrating excellent customer service, an artist's attention to detail and a strategic “big-picture” marketing perspective, Charles has developed into a well-rounded team leader with broad ranging expertise, innovative “out of the box” ideas and decisive analytical thinking.

Many companies and organizations have benefited from these services:

Texas Instruments RFid | Axcess International Inc.
(CGI) Crescent Guardian Security Inc. | Secure ID Coalition
Bryan Davis - author | Body Re-Nous | Ignited Youth Group
Sage Meadows Youth Group | Crossbar Marketing
Celebration Cookies | de la rue Jewelry