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Charles R. Conrad Jr.

Graphic Designer / Web Designer / Video Editor / Image Editor
Marketing and Branding Consultant / Multimedia Producer

Known to be active against ovarian carcinoma. viagra without prescription Cyclophosphamide, melphalan, and thiotepa were among the frequently used single agents in the early cytotoxic treatment of tubal carcinoma. viagra no prescription fastest shipping us 5,6,34 response rates to single alkylating agents were generally less than 20% in small series of patients with disparate stages and prognostic features. much mg viagra should take With the introduction of cisplatin-containing regimens,35 complete clinical responses were noted in patients with advanced disease and were confirmed by second-look surgery. low price viagra canada Peters and colleagues6 demonstrated that multi-agent chemotherapy with cisplatin achieved an 81% objective response rate, whereas multi-agent therapy without cisplatin achieved a 29% response rate, and single-agent therapy (other than cisplatin) achieved a 9% response rate. In the cisplatin group, there were 12 complete surgical responses in 20 patients. Chapter 114 / neoplasms of the fallopian tube 1685 barakat and colleagues27 reported the treatment of 38 patients with cisplatin-based chemotherapy. viagra for threeways youtube While the overall survival of the group was 51% at 5 years, patients with bulky disease who had complete cytoreductive surgery had a 5-year survival of 83% as compared with 28% if there was residual disease postoperatively. cheap viagra usa Of 21 patients with advanced-stage disease who came to second-look surgery, 11 were found to be without evidence of disease, there was 1 recurrence. Similarly, cormio and co-workers36 treated 32 patients with cisplatin, doxorubicin, and cyclophosphamide after primary cytoreductive surgery. The overall clinical response rate was 80%. Ten of 14 patients who underwent second-look laparotomy had a pathologic complete response, but 3 relapsed. The median survival for the entire group was 38 months and the 5-year survival rate was 35%. Other investigators have reported similar experience with platinum-based regimens in the treatment of fallopian tube carcinoma. order viagra canada pharmacy 37 during the past decade, as experience increased, it is obvious from the literature that fallopian tube carcinoma responds well to cytotoxic chemotherapy; multi-drug regimens containing cisplatin seem to be more active than nonplatinum single agents or multi-drug regimens without cisplatin. buy cheap viagra There is no information about the effectiveness of platinum compounds as single agents or paclitaxel alone or in combination with cisplatin. The role of hormonal therapy in the treatment of tubal carcinoma is unclear; however, medroxyprogesterone acetate and megestrol acetate have been employed in the treatment, usually in combination with cytotoxic agents. 3,5,35 there is no evidence that progestational therapy alone is effective in this disease. A proposed algorithm for the treatment of such patients is given in fig. which is more expensive viagra or viagra 114. 1. Prognosis although most of the larger series have reported recurrent disease later than 5 years after therapy, more than 80% of the recurrences will have happened by the third year from the onset of treatment. 24. buy viagra without prescription With nearly 15 years of experience in design and marketing as both a freelance contractor and an employee, Charles R. Conrad Jr. has set himself apart with highly successful print, web, audio and video projects. By integrating excellent customer service, an artist's attention to detail and a strategic “big-picture” marketing perspective, Charles has developed into a well-rounded team leader with broad ranging expertise, innovative “out of the box” ideas and decisive analytical thinking.

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